Hiresh Gupta

Hi, I’m Hiresh. I am a final year graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), pursuing my Masters in Computer Vision. At CMU, I’m working with Prof. Fernando De La Torre to contribute to his research on 3D Face Reconstruction. I also interned at the 3D Vision Team at Apple Maps during Summer 2022.

Prior to CMU, I worked as ML Engineer at Adobe Systems (for 3 years), where I developed various deep learning solutions for Object Detection, Image Segmentation, and Visual Search for the Adobe Experience Cloud. While working there, I had the privilege of publishing papers in some prestigious Computer Vision conferences like CVPR, ECCV, and WACV, respectively, and have filed multiple US patents for the same.

For more info, you can contact me at:

Email: hireshgupta1997@gmail.com

LinkedIn: hiresh-gupta

Mobile: +1-412-880-8710